What is the best app for your church?

Discover the top church apps available and how to choose the one that best meets the needs of your church.

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Attracting and engaging members is essential for the growth of any church. A church app can be an effective tool to achieve this. The right app can help you stay connected with your members, streamline communication, and provide access to resources, all from one platform. However, with so many church apps on the market, it can be challenging to decide which one best fits your church’s needs.

In this article, we'll look at the top church apps and help you find the one that meets your church goals. Whether you want an app to improve communication, increase participation, or offer online community, we've got you covered. Keep reading to find the best fit for your church!

What is a church app?

A church app is an excellent way to keep your church members connected, no matter where they are. It provides access to your church from any mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

Why do you need a church app?

Church apps help improve church-wide communication, provide a convenient hub for resources, and foster community engagement.

What features are included in a church app?

Standard Features

With many church apps to choose from, you can expect to see these standard features included:

  • Push notifications: Churches can use push notifications to send updates, reminders, and other important messages to their members.
  • Events calendar: A centralized calendar can help members stay informed about upcoming events and services.
  • Digital giving: Church apps often include a secure and convenient solution for members to make donations.
  • Sermon notes: Church apps can provide access to notes and resources to help members deepen their understanding of the gospel.

Next-Level Features

While many church apps offer the same standard features, there are some apps that provide  features that create a unique app experience for members.

  • Custom study plans: Churches can tailor Bible study content and curriculum based on their current sermon series, classes, or trainings.
  • Daily Bible reading: Church apps can include a way for members to read and discuss the Bible together to build a Bible reading habit together.
  • Campaign-based giving: A new type of giving feature that allows you to give to crowdfund as a church community around a specific cause.
  • Digital groups: Churches can create a dedicated space for online members to connect during the week through messaging and online activities.
  • Bible study generator: Churches can automatically generate Bible study content by pasting their sermon link in and sharing the study with members.

How to determine the best app for your church

When it comes to determining the best church app for your church, it’s important to take into consideration your church’s specific goals. Consider what features are necessary for achieving them. For example, if your church is focused on fostering deeper spiritual growth among members, consider an app that provides comprehensive Bible study plans and digital groups for members to connect with one another. If your church is looking for a way to increase donations, consider an app that includes secure and user-friendly digital giving solutions. Ensure that the app you choose meets the needs of your church and is tailored to its specific goals.

Best Church App for Giving

A rendered image of the Pushpay app where a user is giving $500


Pushpay is a great app for online giving, providing a secure and user-friendly platform for churches to manage their giving and donations. The app is designed to streamline the giving process, making it easy for members to make contributions and support the church's mission. With Pushpay, members can easily set up recurring donations, view their giving history, and manage their payment information all in one place.

Best Church App for Sermon Storage

A rendered image of the Subsplash app where a user is listening to a recorded sermon


Subsplash is an all-in-one media platform for churches to amplify their message, engage their community, and make the gospel accessible without restrictions, ads, or distractions. It features one-click publishing, audio and video podcasting, media tagging and search, live streaming, web embeds, music player, video or audio-only, full content control, and cloud hosting.


“Overall Subsplash has been a great tool for my church. We are very media focused (delivering videos each week to our home groups). And with our multiple media categories, Subsplash makes it easy to deliver on our app”

Justin N.

Communications Director

“I love using Subsplash because it makes publishing our sermons and giving to the church so easy.”


Best Church App for Media Creation

A rendered image of the outputs from the Sharefaith app and a shared post on Instagram


ShareFaith Media provides churches with a massive library of content for services, websites, and social media, as well as an innovative online graphic editor to customize designs. Thousands of churches have chosen ShareFaith for their sermon titles, motion titles, social media graphics, worship backgrounds, and print-ready files, and can also use the custom designer and online design tool to create custom designs and videos.


“I am not a graphic designer, but being a Sharefaith member provides me with everything I need!”

Jane L.

Church Admin

“I have been a subscriber for several years and have been pleased with the variety of graphics.”

Michael B.

Lead Pastor

Best Church App for Community Engagement

A rendered image of the Carry app with a user responding to prayer, reading the bible and watching a video

Carry Bible

Carry is an app designed to help churches create an online community space for their members to connect and engage with each other through Bible study groups, allowing for daily discipleship and building authentic relationships. Carry Bible is an excellent church app for engaging church members throughout the week. The dashboard feature keeps track of ministry engagement analytics and makes creating Bible study content easy. All of these features make Carry Bible a comprehensive and convenient solution for churches looking to foster deeper spiritual growth and connection among their physical & online members.


"I've tried tons of church apps, but the experience of doing the Bible with others has been transformational for me.I believe God intended for us to lean on one another for growth and this app is helping me do that!"

K. Holiday

“Absolutely Superb! We launched our Carry group on our online service and are thrilled with the response;In the first 7-days, we saw 108 total hours in God's word, 2,400+ messages sent between members and over 1,700+ prayers & praise reports. I can't wait to celebrate these numbers with my team.”

Dave S.

Online Pastor

Best Church App for Events

A rendered image of the My Church Events app on a laptop, desktop device, phone and tablet

My Church Events

My Church Events is an affordable and easy-to-use online church calendar specifically designed for churches to help them easily schedule and share events, as well as print and export the calendar to Word and Excel for use in church publications and staff meetings.


“We needed a sophisticated online calendar for our Web site and we found it with My Church Events! It’s easy, intuitive, and offers high-end options like feedback forms and dynamic events lists.”

Kelly J.

Church Admin

“I truly am enjoying working with My Church Events. I thought I would never be happy working in any calendar program outside of Outlook...but I was wrong, and our congregants love accessing the calendar through our website.”

Lisa L.

Church Admin

Best Church App for Church Communication

A rendered image of the GoChurch App with the user looking at a church blog

GoChurch App

Go Church App is designed to provide churches with the tools they need to effectively communicate with its members. It offers features such as push notifications, forms, and event registration, helping churches make the most of their online presence.


“Push notifications are a super useful tool in reaching people.”

Luke J.

Church Leader

“The app looks great, is easy to use, and very functional! I'm able to choose to get the notifications that apply to me most, so that is also convenient.”

Ann S.

Nonprofit Employee

In Summary

When it comes to choosing the right church app for your church, there are a variety of options available with different features, strengths, and tools. By comparing the top custom church apps you can make an informed decision that will help ensure your church gets the most out of its investment in technology and online presence.

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