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Turning Anonymous Viewers Into Engaged Community

How Where You Are Church uses Carry to create a space for connection and belonging for members beyond the weekend service.

Dave Sylvian
Campus Pastor
Emily Bradford
Campus Pastor

1. Remarkable growth in engagement ⚡️️

Member messages

2.4k ▲160x

"Our members are chatting, praying & connecting over their faith every day in Carry."

Prayer requests & responses

1,013 ▲20x

"Before Carry, we received at most 10 prayer requests a week. Now we receive over 200."

Connect requests

217 ▲80x

"We went from an average of 3 connect requests per/weekend to 217 in 48 hours!"

Time in God's word

108 hrs

Total time members spent studying the Bible together in 7-days.


"One of my favorite things since launching Carry is how apparent it is that people are hungry for connection.

Before using Carry, we invited viewers every week to text us to get connected. Over the course of 5 months we had a mere 53 people text. Within the first 48 hours of launching Carry, we had over 200 people text us to connect with our Carry groups.

We finally have a way to personally know members who used to be anonymous. We also significantly increased the amount of member contact information we received, which we previously struggled to collect. The dots are just connecting all over the place as to the value of an app like this."

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"We couldn't believe it. Before Carry, we had a total of 53 people text to get connected with our church over five months. With Carry, we had over 217 people text within 48 hours!"

2. Lower barriers to community 👋

"One of the big challenges we faced as an online church was lacking an intermediate space where our members could genuinely connect outside of a chat room. We needed a purpose and a medium for everybody to gather over something. When we heard about Carry, we immediately thought it would be a great fit.

Since launching Carry, we’ve been able to connect hundreds of people in our church to each other. Prayer prompts specifically have made it easy for members to share what’s happening in their lives in real-time and actually get to know their church community."

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"We had a member sum it up in a message;
‘Even though we don’t talk or pray in person, this app feels so alive. It’s so uplifting that there is a community of believers that can connect like this."

Easily share groups with a single link or QR code

3. Increased capacity for relationships 🙌

"I've been in pastoral ministry now for about 11 years full-time and have rarely come across high-level engagement like this. In my group, I receive around 10 prayer requests daily, and I'm able to personally respond to them without going through some intermediary person who manages the church's prayers. I get to be in direct relationship with my members."

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"Carry truly maximizes my capacity for relationship as a pastor and allows my members to know me on a personal level too."

Members engage with daily activities that drive connection

4. Fulfilling the mission together 🤝

While Carry continues to grow engagement among NewLife's current members, their ambition doesn't stop there.

"The next wave of momentum will be challenging our members to invite people in their spheres of influence to join in. We're posing the questions 'What would it look like to invite just one person? Or even start my own group?' Just thinking about the potential amount of people that could be reached through this app is incredible. "

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“Carry is objectively the most practical thing we can use to help our church connect to God and the people around them.”