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Turn Visitors Into Committed Members.

As a church leader, building a robust process to connect and disciple new members can seem overwhelming.

Carry makes it easy, with simple & actionable tools that turn your one-time visitors into ongoing members and drive daily discipleship throughout the week.


Connect Requests

Reduce missed connections from livestream visitors


Prayer Requests

Get everyone praying for one another in your community


Praise Reports

Encourage and celebrate answered prayer together


Bible Habits

Give your members an increased bible reading habit

The Retention of your Members is too important to neglect.

We know what it’s like... member community & growth can seem like impossible objectives when your team is already overstretched just maintaining church as usual.

Consequently, daily community and discipleship drop off your priority list, which only exacerbates your problems.

❌ Your team is more & more overstretched

❌ Your membership is stagnant or shrinking

❌ You struggle to connect & disciple new members through the week

❌ You feel like your ministry is falling behind

What you need is a simple & consistent process to nurture one-time visitors into committed members.

The Process

Our proprietary platform has helped churches move over 45,000+ members from passive observers to active members.

We work directly with your team to implement a consistent experience for connecting, discipling & growing your members - turning one-time visitors into active disciples.

  1. Lower-the-barrier
    Making your community easy & compelling to join by removing barriers and making it accessible to anyone, anywhere, every day of the week with digital groups.
  2. Create Belonging
    Helping your visitors & members truly feel like a part of your church by giving them a safe space to stay connected & experience daily discipleship throughout the week.
  3. Drive Member-to-Member Connection
    Creating magical moments between members that build authentic relationships, empower active discipleship and grow the borders of your church.

Convert Your Visitors

Make it easy for new members to connect with your church & start experiencing life-giving community with simple signup.

✓ Drive up to 50x More Connect Requests
✓ Collect & Securely Store Member Information
✓ Make it easier to join your community

Drive Daily Discipleship & Connection

Make every member truly feel like a part of your church with digital discipleship groups where they can pray, read & do life together throughout the week.

✓ Make community accessible to all members, anywhere, every day of the week.
✓ Drive daily connection between members with customisable daily activities.
‍✓ Simplify church communication with group messaging

Measure your impact & grow with confidence

Enable your team to see what’s working and what’s not with real-time analytics on your church dashboard.

✓ Track member engagement & identify potential volunteers
✓ See which groups create the most impact
✓ Align your team over tangible metrics

Absolutely Superb!

We launched our Carry group on our online service and are thrilled with the initial response. In the first 7-days, we saw 108 total hours in God's word, 2,400+ messages sent between members and over 1,700+ prayers & praise reports. I can't wait to celebrate these numbers with my team. Thanks for making this all possible. Onward and upward.

Customer story

How NewLife church transformed anonymous viewers into committed members.

Start Your Growth Journey

Every church is unique. That’s why we work directly with your team to build & implement your church's process - so you can start discipling members with confidence.

1. Setting Your Strategy

We work with your team to establish an actionable strategy for achieving membership retention & growth.

2. Installing Your Process

We help you launch a start-to-finish process to increase connect requests, drive daily discipleship & grow your member base.

3. Growing Your Ministry

We help you iterate and accelerate your impact using insights from thousands of active groups.

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Frequently asked questions

How is Carry different from a Bible study tool?

We're not another Bible study tool ~ we are a community-building tool. Carry is a platform designed from the ground up to encourage more profound, more meaningful connections between your members & make running groups easier for your leaders. We do this by combining the best Bible-study practices, leading behavioural psychology & technology to create the optimal community experience that drives vulnerability between your members through the Carry Bible app. And it doesn't stop there. We send your members thoughtful prompts & reminders right when they need them, helping them stay on track as they grow their connection with God & each other.

Bible study tool? We're more like a team in your pocket 💫

What are the benefits for my church/ministry?

· Ministries using Carry receive 50x more connect requests from members
· Know the names & contact details of your online members by sharing your ministry link on your livestream. This both invites members & collects details.
‍· Enable your online members to connect with your church & feel a sense of belonging (beyond the livestream) as they engage in your groups through the Carry app.
· Know exactly how your members are engaging with live member analytics.

How do I know if my groups are effective?

We give your ministry realtime engagement analytics so you can see the exact impact Carry is having on your community in the Carry Bible app. Our aim is to help you connect with your members, drive community growth & expand the kingdom.

How much time does Carry take to set up?

It takes 20-minutes to get started with Carry. Tap the "Book a free demo" button to get a tour of Carry & help from our team to build your own online community.

Does Carry enter into enterprise partnerships with larger ministries (e.g 10,000+)?

We do. If you're interested in learning more about enterprise or joining our list of proud partners ~ get in touch via email at

What if I need help?

We're here with you every step of the way.  If ever you need a hand, something explained, or just want to give us your feedback ~ email us ( and we'll help you every step of the way.